Omega 600w Dual HPS
The Omega 600w Grow Lamp included in this kit has the following features: Omega Dual Specrum Lamps have both Blue spectrum for Growth Stage and Red Spectrum for Flowering Stage. PRO-PAR SERIES SUPER LUMEN TECHNOLOGY. 10% more light than a standard HPS...
Lumatek 1000w HPS DE
This Double-Ended (DE) pulse-start lamp, has been engineered for use with Lumatek 1000W Pro 400V electronic ballast and is produced using high-grade ceramic arc tube technology and specific horticultural gas blend that creates optimal spectral output for healthy plant growth.
Sinowell 1000w HPS bulb
1000wat HPS light by Sinowell
Dimlux 1000w DE Pro Series Light Fixture
Super-Efficient, 1000 Watt 400V DE Grow LightThe Dimlux 1000w Full Fixture is one of the most effective lighting systems on the market today, producing bigger yields and better quality produce than is possible with traditional HPS lighting. This is thanks...
Super Plant 1000w HPS
Most powerful HPS light by super plant, fantastic results from our customers make this light a must buy.
Super Plant HPS Bulbs
High Pressure Sodium bulbs are popular with gardeners because their orange/red spectrum encourages fruit and flower growth. The Power Plant Super HPS provides a nutritious light and will promote maximum yields. It can also be used throughout the entire growth...
from €26,99
Lumen: 90 000 Lumen Color Temperature 2000K Bulb Base: E40 Mogul Bulb life 24000h CE,ROHS 1 Year Warranty
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